Commercial projects can vastly change in size and scope of work.  Buildings that were built in the 1980's compared to now are extremely different.  Even the time that is given to build todays buildings has been reduced from 12 - 14 months to 3 or 4 months.  We take pride in the challenges of the new generation of construction and have kept up with new technology and products.  


Any project from a small office renovations to a big box store , we have all the tools and equipment necessary to meet all deadlines.



In the fast growing market of housing and condo's from kitchen and bathroom renovations to new starts, P4 Electric has kept up with ever changing designs and technologies.  Todays new house demands a vast knowledge of several different types of installations including electrical, security systems which include cameras, audio/video systems.  


We have qualified personnel that can help you design your new or to be renovated spaces.  



Industrial services range form a variety of installations and applications. Please contact us for more information about our industrial installations.



Landscape lighting can bring your property to life in the evening. Lighting pathways and dark areas of your property provides safety and enhances the look of your property or yard. Contact us today to find out more about our landscape lighting services.



Designing a project of any size may it be a small residential renovation or a 100,000 square foot office space/warehouse, comes with challenges.  


Acquiring the right information, location and requirements is key to a successful design from lighting to power.  Our staff completes a thorough process for determining what best suits our clients and their needs.  




At P4 Electric, we offer backup generator installation. Installing a backup generator can safequard your home from power outages, keeping the important things like lights, refrigerators, heating, air conditioning or sump pumps running.